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The business of KD Consulting is custom programming. We design systems and programs to meet the unique needs of individual clients. We do not present pre-written solutions--our own or off-the-shelf--unless that's the best answer for the client's business and bottom line.

But our business doesn't stop there. We build not just systems, but relationships, working together with clients over time to develop systems and programs that grow--and grow with--their businesses. Our first customer is still a regular client.


We specialize in building interfaces between Unix systems and whatever our clients need to connect: the Internet, other Unix systems, Windows Servers, existing software applications, and manual processes. KDC interfaces enable LANs and WANs ranging from in-office systems in a single location to multiple sites across the country.

Primary areas of expertise include interfaces and systems for manufacturing, process control, accounting, retailing, wholesaling, warehousing, inventory control, networking, and database management. Our consultants offer experience with C, Perl, PHP, Sculptor 4GL, C++ and Java programming languages, with emphasis on Unix-based systems.

Clients & Consultants
Word of mouth generates virtually all business for The KD Consulting Group. Our clients include multi-national and national firms, regional companies and chains, and one-shop small businesses. To learn about work performed by KD Consulting, please visit Case Studies. To read about our consultants, please review their biographies.


The KD Consulting Group was founded in 1991 by Kurt Johnson to provide custom computer consulting and programming services. The business soon expanded to include exclusive distribution, sales, and support of Sculptor 4GL+SQL Application Development System, first in the U.S. and later in all of the Americas. In 1996, The KD Consulting Group was awarded Sculptor distribution rights for the worldwide QNX market.